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A page about some “undocumented” / “well hidden” problems / points with databases.

MariaDB /MySQL: mysql CLI Console Password “Limit”

mysql command only reads in 79 characters of “password” from TTY / “console”. In my case I was copy’n’pasting / the password store autotyping database passwords which doesn’t work then (leads to Access denied for user errors because the password is wrong). This “limit” doesn’t seem to be documented anywhere I looked, so here we go. If you want to login to your users only use passwords 79 characters long when “typing” them on the console.

Thanks to this Jira ticket (MXS-1766) to pointing to the code behind the “limitation”!

I also need to give a shoutout to the people with which I reflected the issue and then stumbled upon the mysql CLI limitation.

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Last updated on 13 Feb 2020
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