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Version 1337.42.0



LinkProject Description
GitHub wercker/sternMulti pod and container log tailing for Kubernetes with regex support for selection of Pods and Pods’ containers.Star



LinkProject Description
GitHub aquasecurity/kube-benchThe Kubernetes Bench for Security is a Go application that checks whether Kubernetes is deployed according to security best practicesStar
GitHub inovex/illuminatioThe kubernetes network policy validator.Star


LinkProject Description
GitHub prometheus/prometheusThe Prometheus monitoring system and time series database.

Prometheus Exporters

LinkProject Description
GitHub galexrt/dellhw_exporterPrometheus exporter for Dell Hardware components using Dell OMSA.Star
GitHub prometheus/node_exporterExporter for machine metrics



LinkProject Description
GitHub DNS-OARC/flamethrowera DNS performance and functional testing utility (by @ns1)Star

Insight / Troubleshooting / Testing

LinkProject Description
GitHub apprenda/kuberangKuberang is a simple but efficient way to quickly check the Kubernetes cluster network connectivity + in-cluster DNS test.Star
GitHub weaveworks/scopeMonitoring, visualisation & management for Docker & Kubernetes
GitHub skydive-project/skydiveAn open source real-time network topology and protocols analyzer

Service Mesh

LinkProject Description
GitHub linkerd/linkerd2A service mesh for Kubernetes and beyond. Main repo for Linkerd 2.x. https://linkerd.ioStar
GitHub istio/istioConnect, secure, control, and observe services. https://istio.ioStar
GitHub hashicorp/consulConsul is a distributed, highly available, and data center aware solution to connect and configure applications across dynamic, distributed infrastructure. https://consul.ioStar