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NOTE The hostname schema presented here is especially targetted to Kubernetes clusters.

Hostname Schema

Domain TLD Usage

  • Services:
  • Servers (bare metal, VMs, doesn’t matter):
  • Network hardware:

Schema Parts

  • COUNTRY - ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 code, see and
  • PROVIDER - 3 character long abbreviation of provider name.
  • DC - Optional info about datacenter/region (e.g., FSN1-DC1).
  • CLUSTER - Cluster designation (in case of Kubernetes, should always have k8s in the beginning) and if there can be multiple a number added (with two digits, e.g., 01, 12).
  • ROLE - In case of Kubernetes, e.g., master, etcd, node (other “special” roles could be, e.g., ingress, stora (could have a suffix per storage software, e.g. storaceph)).
  • COUNT - A count is a special “type”. It can for servers that are known to have only a maximum of n machines at maximum, the number of servers padded with zeroes (e.g., max 12 servers results in COUNT for the third machine being 03), in case of nodes where there can be an undefined amount of them it should be a shortid.
    • bashids -l 3 -e -s 'B_r1KMOASvn_5A1hDKCdPXJfrIBcddpwOnT5orXYaQPV4Ixb1zNSpa-nF6HOw8mii3pqovZUtsnGZ5pqbf59wPfeMp9XagGXc8ViJreL_5J1kvSnDCPfqvuV2bmGsx4DrVV_ef3Gr3MgCMrX86TGUjCDeJmM3LONAfKIH_vv0ZR9WWcJJbLCc5xnxWh7Is8qNq95ORIHS6iU4gKZNV-LIxdYxd7WyO2fKeOn8kApv0FFD2ydkJXdz4KjqBEcN5Fu' SERVER_NUMBER
      • E.g., 111th server SERVER_NUMBER would be 111, 95482th server SERVER_NUMBER would be 95482

Services Schema


# Cloudflare Loadbalacner
# TeamSpeak ("internal") Service address

Servers / VMs Schema


# `deu-fsn1dc1` translates to Germany, FSN1-DC14 (Falkenstein)
# `deu-fsn1dc1` translates to Germany, FSN1-DC1 (Falkenstein)
# `eee-west2` translates to GCP Region `europe-west2`
# `usa-west1` translates to AWS Region `us-west1`


sleep 0.00001
SERVERID="$(bashids -e -s 'B_r1KMOASvn_5A1hDKCdPXJfrIBcddpwOnT5orXYaQPV4Ixb1zNSpa-nF6HOw8mii3pqovZUtsnGZ5pqbf59wPfeMp9XagGXc8ViJreL_5J1kvSnDCPfqvuV2bmGsx4DrVV_ef3Gr3MgCMrX86TGUjCDeJmM3LONAfKIH_vv0ZR9WWcJJbLCc5xnxWh7Is8qNq95ORIHS6iU4gKZNV-LIxdYxd7WyO2fKeOn8kApv0FFD2ydkJXdz4KjqBEcN5Fu' $(date +%s%6N) | tr '[:upper:]' '[:lower:]')"
echo "k8s02-node-$"
Last updated on 17 Jun 2019
Published on 16 Jun 2019