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Recommended Requirements

Recommendations for Requirements

These are **recommendations** for requirements of Kubernetes Masters and Nodes.



  • Bandwidth: at the very least 1G, recommended for smaller, lower traffic environents is 10G, 25G or more.
    • Note: To reduce costs you get away with just having a single interface, instead of, e.g., 2 bonded interfaces, though having 2 will allow for more performance and also the server still being reachable in case of failure.



SSDs or even NVMe based storage is more expensive but your ETCD will love and need it!

**DO NOT USE** HDDs nor any kind of networked storage for ETCD! Even a fast Ceph RBD (e.g., when running in VMs) can look good in the beginning but might "kill" the ETCD performance in the end! **Too many users of Kubernetes or OpenShift do that and end up with slow performing clusters in many different ways, simply because the ETCD is slow (even though the kube-apiservers are caching a lot)**

Use SSDs or any other storage with low latencies (LOW)! ETCD is pretty much latency bound, it needs its “few” IOPS as well but latency is the killer (sequential writing, e.g., WAL and DB).

Last updated on 31 Jan 2020
Published on 20 Aug 2019
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