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OSD Maintenance

Gracefully remove OSD

First thing is to set the crush weight to zero, either instantly to 0.0 or a bit gracefully*. (*gracefully should always be used when the cluster is in use, though any OSD weight change will cause data redistribution)

ceph osd crush reweight osd.<ID> 0.0

or graceful:

for i in {9 1}; do
    ceph osd crush reweight osd.<ID> 0.$i
    # Wait five minutes each step or longer depending on your Ceph cluster recovery speed
    sleep 300

After the reweight, set the OSD out and remove it (+ its credentials):

ceph osd out <ID>

NOTE: For Rook Ceph clusters, scale down the OSD Deployment to 0:

kubectl scale -n rook-ceph deployment rook-ceph-osd-<ID> --replicas=0
ceph osd crush remove osd.<ID>
ceph auth del osd.<ID>
ceph osd rm <ID>
Last updated on 30 Sep 2019
Published on 30 Sep 2019